As An Artsy, Crafty Therapy Tool, Keepsake Keeper, or Innovative Time Capsule

Therapy for children is a harsh reality that is currently being faced by many families in our nation.  Emotional abuse and trauma are deeply rooted in  dysfunctional dynamics that must be confronted and corrected with the help of outside forces.

Swift action must be taken when our children are in emotional danger zones that require crisis intervention, but the long-term healing process must be handled with the greatest of care and plenty of patience!

He said, she said is an ugly reality that heaps devastation on the children who are suffering the collateral damage that happens when parents come to blows over custody.

Young children are denied the rights to state their own case in our family courts due to their lack of cognitive  development, yet the burden of proof for emotional safety actually falls on their very young, very undeveloped shoulders.

The short term challenge is to help at-risk children express their thoughts and emotions to a degree that ensures swift placement in the safest, most nurturing environment possible.

The long-term challenge is to address the way we define and create our family structures so we can establish preventive measures for future generations.

My Story Acorns are designed to allow children to use the arts to make it easier for them to engage in conversations with the adults in their lives.

Safety for everyone is our primary concern, so we recommend that NO FAMILY ever be left to cope with traumatic challenges on their own.

If your family is facing custodial challenges, we invite you to use My Story Acorns as a means to ease the burden placed on the hearts and minds of young children whose stories must shared with the therapists who are tasked with helping establish emotional safety zones for pre-cognitive children.

Created with much love and many prayers for your family by Connie Spurlock, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse who has finally found her voice, AND the courage to use it.

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