Connie’s House on Amazon

My first tutorial is now available on Amazon Kindle, and I am very excited to have finished the learning curve that makes this possible!

I invite you to follow also me on my new page at Pinterest, where I am creating boards with coloring pages that I recommend using for my window painting tutorials.

KatalumaCrafty on Pinterest.

Coloring pages are a great option for window painting, because they are created with simple shapes that provide large painting surfaces.

I just have one tutorial posted for now, but that won’t last long!! I have many, many more tutorials in store for you, and now that I have mastered the production process, I will soon have many more tutorials in (my Amazon) store for you!!

Thank you for your interest in crafting with me. I look forward to filling my shelves with more painting, crafting, writing, drawing, sewing, and floral design fun for everyone!

I’ll see you again next time…


Kataluma Crafty